Contract Acts

Stock Contractor


Welcome our new 2018 Stock Contractor! Tri-State Rodeo Company!

Bonnie Rasmussen & Debbie Scott 

Barrel Man


Rob Johnston -  Poky the Outlaw Rodeo Clown. A native of Spokane, Wash., Johnston started out 35 years ago riding bulls. He’s been “fighting” bulls as a rodeo clown for the past 25 years. His job is an important one for the safety of the bull riders. 



Brandon Swainestrom

Randy Rauenzahn

Chute Boss


T.C. Evans



Lee Daggett

Mountain High Drill Team


 MHBB drill team is a special team of local ladies who are passionate about rodeo, family and most of all horses. They have been MHBB own drill team for 4 years, they perform with 6-14-member drills and will leave you excited for the next move! The ladies travel around the PNW to parades as they represent MHBB as well as perform at other rodeos for their opening and half-time acts. They never do the same drill and they are always fun to watch! So, stand up, clap your hands as they will start this year’s event!

Coaches - Vixen Radford-Wecks and Amber Fritz

Drill Members- Bailey Dutcher, Kacie Young, Destiny Wecks, Brianna Micka, Riley Ferre, Deidre Schriber, Maddi Tracy-Mallory &  Celeste Bauck